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Young Muslims (YM)

The stated goals of the YM were to provide an Islamic way of life for Muslim youth by prompting the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW). The organization also tries to enhance the leadership qualities of young people within the community.

Who We Are: We’re a group of high school and college age youth and some adults whose only life’s purpose is to organize youth events – not! 🙂 But we really love youth work and organizing events and activities, and we are grateful for the opportunity of serving Islam and our Muslim Youth.

What We Do: We organize youth programs, events, workshops, outings, lectures for the youth at Muslim Community Association. We also run the youthgroup halaqas which cater to more than 350 youth on a weekly basis.

Audience: The Youth Committee’s main audience is youth of ages 8 to 18 years, but we also cater events to college age youth as well.

Youth Corner Publications: Every Friday we publish youth news, articles, events and updates in the main the Newsletter under the “Youth Corner” section.  In addition, we send out email alerts on Wednesdays to the main youth mailing list which has hundreds of emails for youth in our community.