Br Asim holds an MBA in finance from Oklahoma City University. He has successfully run his own businesses and he is well versed in managing money.

Br Asim has been an active member of MALV for over 12 years. He currently serves in the MALV EC as the treasurer. Due to the complex nature of MALV’s accounting system, any new treasurer will have an initial challenge with the system, but with his diligence and dedication, he has mastered the system and has improved most of its operation. Through his service, most of MALV bills are now auto paid online.

Br Asim has a passion to increase daily attendance in the masjid as he regularly does himself. He co-pioneered the MALV cricket team which encourages brothers to play together close to the masjid and then attend congregation prayers together.

He is a regular volunteer at MALV events including serving at Iftar, family dinner and other events.

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