Zakat Calculator

What is Zakat?
Zakat is an obligatory duty and one of the five pillars of Islam. It is mandatory when two conditions are simultaneously satisfied which are Nisab and the Due Date.
What is Nisab and its current value?
Nisab is the exemption limit for the payment of Zakat. In other words, it is the amount which savings or capital or product must exceed in order for the Muslim owner to be obliged to give zakat. Nisab amount calculated based on 3 oz of pure Gold which is $3,848 as of June 4, 2017.

When is Zakat due date?
Zakat is due after one Lunar (Hijri) year starting from either the first day you acquired the amount of Nisab or the day you paid Zakat last year. The month of Ramadan is considered to be the best time to pay Zakat.

We urge you dear brother/sister to calculate your Zakat now and to pay it as soon as possible

Zakah is payable at 2.5% of the wealth one possesses above the nisab. Nisab, which is equal to 85 grams of gold, is the minimum amount of wealth one must have before they are liable to pay zakah.
As of March 1, 2018, nisab is estimated to be $3,913.
This year’s Nisab Value is $3,913.00
Cash on hand and in bank accounts (savings, checking, etc)
Non-delinquent loans (money you loaned to others)
Value of Gold, Silver and Precious Items
Value of Shares, stocks
Net value of IRA, 401K, Pension Funds if liquidated as of the zakat payment date (adjusted for taxes and penalties if applicable)
Business cash on hand and in banks plus invoices due
Net Value of business inventory and trade goods
Equity in investment Real Estate
Total Zakatable (Eligible for Zakat) Amount $0.00
Zakat Amount Due $0.00
Your Zakat Amount Due is calculated at 2.5% of your total Zakatable (Eligible for Zakat) amount only if your total Zakatable Amount is equal to or above the nisab.
Once you have calculated your zakat, copy the total and paste the amount in the pay your zakat page to donate.
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