Social Hall

The MALV Social Hall seats a maximum of 350 persons.

Listed below is information concerning renting the MALV VFD Social Hall.  You will be required to sign a contract at the time of making your reservation.  For more information and a copy of the contract, please contact:

Rentals are allowed for benefits/ showers/ wedding receptions/ birthday parties/ etc.

A security deposit of $200.00, along with the balance of the rental cost, is payable one week prior to the scheduled rental date.  (This allows time for the checks to clear the bank.  There is a $20 charge for returned checks.  The renter will have one week to make good on a returned check, or rental can be refused unless other arrangements can be made.)

If the hall and grounds are left undamaged and the hall is cleaned, the $200.00 deposit will be refunded to the renter.

A cleaning fee of $100.

Hourly rates are available for baby showers, reunions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc. at a rate of $150.00 for no more than three (3) hours.  If more time is needed, or a band or DJ is present, the cost will be $200.00.  It will be left up to the renter to decide the amount due. A $150.00 deposit is required.  When the hall and grounds are inspected and if there are no damages or cleaning required, your deposit will be refunded.

For Saturday rentals, the key can be picked up at 5PM Friday unless the hall is rented for that evening.  In the event the hall is occupied on Friday evening, the key can be picked up at 10PM on Friday.  The key must be returned by noon on Sunday following the event.

The renter agrees that all activities and entertainment will cease by Midnight (12AM).

The hall and grounds will be inspected and if no damages are found, your deposit will be refunded.

Rules and regulations:

• Deposits are due within 3 days of request to reserve your date.

• Full balance of payment is due 1 week prior to your event date. 

• MALV VFC requires a 30 day written notice for cancellation of a contracted event or deposits are forfeited.

• Bar opens 15 minutes prior to Event and closes 15 minutes prior to the end of event

• Doors to building open 30 minutes prior to rental time

• Banquet hall is a non smoking area

• Rental includes usage of banquet hall and restrooms ONLY. All other areas Such as kitchen, garage, & Social Club, except for members, and other private areas of the building are off limits to all guests.

• All decorations must be restricted to the tables or be free standing. Nothing should be affixed to the walls, ceilings, light fixtures or doors.

• All tables must be covered with plastic, cloth, paper or some type of covering.

• Do not sprinkle any table confetti or glitter on the tables, floor or other surfaces.

• No candles can be free standing, they must be contained.

• Renter is responsible for any damages to the building or equipment caused by misconduct of guests and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Fire Company and its members for any and all injuries or damages such guests may cause.

• Fire Company is not responsible for any personal losses either in the building or parking lot. There shall be no parking in the driveway, “fire fighter only” or “no parking” designated areas.

• Alcoholic beverages will NOT be served to minors. Service will be denied to those that try to provide alcoholic beverages to a minor and deposits will be forfeited. Bartenders will not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who is visibly intoxicated.

• Fire Company reserves the right to terminate any function in the event of disturbances caused by guests.

• All food and beverages are to remain inside the Fire Department building.

• Renters will be limited to 5 hours only. Ending time of function will never exceed 12 Midnight without prior arrangements.

• All rubbish must be placed in the dumpster.

• Deposits will be NOT be refunded if damages occur.

• Deposits will NOT be refunded if any of the above policies and conditions are breached.

• Exact attendance and event times are due 1 week prior to your rental event

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