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Throughout the Qur’an, Allah describes the situation of death in a number of places:
“Verily it is we who give life and death; and to us is the final goal.” -The Holy Qur’an 50:43

To contact the MALV Center’s Memorial Services to schedule and accommodate a funeral, please contact the MALV Center’s main number: 703-433-1325 ext. 101 or the following individuals for assistance:
• Br. Ehsan Baig: 571.437.9890
• Sr. Nausheen Baig: 571.306.8134
• Br. Farooq Syed: 703.408.4921 (cell)
• Br. Amer Ahmad: 703.433.1325 ext. 103 (office)
MALV can assist with the following funeral needs:
• Provide nearby funeral home addresses, cemetery addresses, and contact information
• Inform the community about the loss; ask for duas and Janazah prayer timings
• Assist with zakah committee funding if the family is unable to pay for the funeral and burial
• Help coordinate or assist with washing of the deceased (if needed and if volunteers are available)
• Provide kafan (burial shroud), if needed
• Arrange the salaatul janazah (funeral prayer) at the masjid
• Assist at the cemetery with the rituals or dua if volunteers available at the time
• Continue to follow-up after the funeral if the family needs any assistance
Please contact or call 703.433.1325.

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