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Night Inspiration from Riyadus Saliheen

Night Inspiration from Riyadus Saliheen

Presented by Imam Daniel Hernandez


In this series we at MALV will explore Riyad us Saliheen compiled by Imam Nawawi. The purpose of Riyad us Saliheen is to relate in a thematic matter topic initiated by Ayah of the Quran. This compilation containing around 800+ Hadith is an Abridgment from Scholar Shaikh Yusuf Nabahani and explained by 5 scholars. The Explanation is derived from an 8-volume explanation by Scholar Muhammad ibn Alam al Makki.


This series of Hadith of the Messenger of Allah aims to serve as an inspiration and means for spiritual exercise for community members who observe Isha at MALV. Understanding that not all can make it for Isha onsite then MALV provides live streaming for those seeking to benefit from home, commuting, work etc.