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With the completion of our community center gym, MALV has formed a Sports Club to allow MALV Community Members to participate in the sports activities.

MALV Sports Club is established with a Mission of

Provide well-organized sports recreation to accommodate various sporting activities and level of play commensurate with our members individual ability, potential, and interest in an environment which promotes adherence to Islamic Principles.

The following sports have been planned  with group leads to facilitate communication and coordination with Admin and Maintenance committee setup under EC to schedule activities in Gym.

Basketball – Br. Wasay / Br. Farhad Malik
Volleyball – Br. Abdul Basith
Badminton – Br. Sajjad Shah /  Br. Tariq Masood
Women – Sr. Saiba / Sr. Najma
Youth Activities – Br. Wasay

Sports Club will be run on a monthly membership model which will be published to the community very soon.  If you’ve interest in joining, please contact one of the sports lead to get additional information and tentative schedule.

If you need additional information please send an email to msc@malv.org with your contact number and sport activity interested.