1988 Schadt Avenue, Whitehall PA 18052 / Phone : 610-799-6224 / eMail : info@malv.org

Mission and Vision

A Vibrant, Diverse and Proactive Community

MALV represent a multi-ethnic and vibrant community of Muslims residing in Lehigh Valley. The center is built on 7 acres of land and includes a mosque, library, full time Islamic elementary school and weekend Islamic school.


The Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (MALV) is a community dedicated to promoting unity, inclusiveness, responsibility, and action among Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our mission is to foster a proactive community that encourages mental, physical, and spiritual development through various programs and events.

We also strive to reach out to non-Muslims, to educate them about the misconceptions regarding Islam and to include anyone willing to stand up for truth, justice, and peace. Through fostering a social community, spiritual discussions, athletic programs, academic forums, rallies, and charity events, we hope to inspire both Muslims and non-Muslims to evolve intellectually, physically, and spiritually throughout their lives and become enlightened, responsible, and just individuals.

Our ultimate goal is to create a community that embodies the principles of inclusiveness, responsibility, and action, and to make a positive impact on the world around us by promoting peace, understanding, and harmony.


The vision of the Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania (MALV) is to be a leading and exemplary American Muslim community that embodies the principles and values of Islam. We are dedicated to creating a world where individuals are empowered to fulfill their social obligations and respond as one to the suffering of others.

Inspired by our Islamic faith and guided by our values, we strive to build a community that is inclusive, proactive, and responsive to the needs of its members and the wider society. We envision a future where Muslims are recognized for their contributions to society, and where our community serves as a model for others to follow.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world where the principles of justice, compassion, and empathy prevail, and where people of all backgrounds come together to make a positive impact on the world. By working together and living our values, we believe that we can create a better future for ourselves, our community, and the world around us.