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Marriage / Nikah

Islamic Wedding (Nikah) Request
Please send a message to dawah@malv.org if you are interested in having a representative of MALV perform the Nikah ceremony. There are some key things that should be kept in mind when making this request. This list will help to clarify any confusion that may arise from such a request:

1) Meet with MALV representative (e.g. Dawah Chairman) to discuss the family situation and tentative dates for convenience of all parties involved.
2) Receive a brief training on Muslim marriage related to the basics of marriage along with the rights and responsibilities of spouses.
3) Perform ceremony
4) Issue signed documents which will include the Lehigh County Marriage License that needs to be returned to the Court for proper registration and the official MALV marriage certificate which records information on the couple and the religious aspects of the wedding (Nikah) contract such as the Bridal Dowry (Mahr).

Important Documents/Decisions Needed:
1) Unsigned Marriage License issued by Lehigh County Clerk with the date of your proposed ceremony falling in between the allowed time frame.
2) Drivers license of the following people: groom, bride, wali (guardian of bride), and witnesses.
3) Agreement of the Bridal Dowry (Mahr) which will be recorded in MALV’s records once the ceremony is complete.

Rules and Limitations:
1) We will need at least a 2 week notice in order to have a MALV representative conduct your ceremony.
1) We are not able to conduct the religious wedding for those couples residing outside of the Lehigh Valley area. We may be able to help you find the appropriate masjid if you need assistance with that.
2) We are not able to perform weddings for specific situations such as a Muslim bride that would like to marry a non-Muslim groom or a couple that would like to marry without parental consent and the parents are living. This does not mean we are not willing to meet with the couple and discuss the situation but please be aware of this. These specific situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Nikah fee is $300.00 for members and $500.00 for nonmembers if it takes place at MALV. The fee is $700.00 if it is outside of the masjid. Fee can be waived at the discretion of Dawah chair.

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