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In the name of Allah

MALV MAKTAB is our new afterschool program for Quran & Islamic Studies

Understanding Islam and Qur’an is the best defense to a rapidly changing and confusing world. MALV in collaboration with Maktab Education Services Board of America (MESBA) has launched a comprehensive afterschool program. Our Maktab combines a solid curriculum with a safe, pious environment to advance in Islamic knowledge and to help your child detox from the ill-effects of an un-Islamic environment. Whether your child attends public school, Islamic school, or home-school, there is always room for growth in our classes.

Location: MALV Prayer Hall
Time: Monday to Thursday 5pm to 7pm

Tuition: $75 a month per child
Book Fee: $25
For financial assistance please contact Br Junaid at dawah@malv.org

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Imam Ahmad Nawaz Uddin

Associate Imam and Maktab Lead

Imam Ahmad Nawaz Uddin was born in Bangladesh and his family moved to Brooklyn New York while he was still young. He completed Hifz (memorization) of Quran in 4 years and has Ijazah in 10 different Qirat (recitation). After completion of his Hfiz-ul-Quran he joined and completed a 6 year Alim Course from Alamia in South Africa in 2019. He also has additional certificate in teaching Maktab, Hfiz-ul-Quran, Ahadith and Fiqh.

His prior work experience includes teaching in Jamaiah Darusunnah Madrasa in Brooklyn and has also taught in South Africa while being a student of Alim Course.


This program will elevate the children’s relationship with the masjid as the center of their learning experience as has traditionally been throughout Islamic history.


​Core subjects will be Qur’an recitation/memorization and Islamic studies. Our curriculum is developed by scholars and is being taught successfully in other western secular countries.


In-class and extra-curricular group activities will provide great opportunities for children to make long-lasting Muslim friendships.

Forms / Policies Documents

Admission Form

Please fill the above form and email to dawah@malv.org


Maktab Calendar 2021/22, 1442/43 Hijri

Covid Waiver Form

Please sign and email the waiver to dawah@malv.org

Parent/Guardians’ Responsibilities

All parents/guardians are expected to read this for the benefit of their children.

Attendance, Uniform and Covid policies

All parents/guardians are expected to read this for the benefit of their children.