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Imam Basheer Bilaal

Imam Basheer was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York which gives him the unique ability to understand the challenges of Muslims living in America. In addition, he is able to relate well with the needs of our youth. Imam Basheer comes from a long line of Imams and scholars in his family. His father and many of his close families are scholars and serving as Imams in several communities within the USA. Imam Basheer graduated from the University of Islamic Studies in Turkey where he received ijaazah in many fields. He also attended University of Abunnoor and the School of Islamic Sciences in Damascus, Syria where he graduated with an in-depth knowledge of the Arabic language.

Imam Basheer has many years of experience serving as imam across several communities in the USA including: The United American Muslim Association of New York, The Islamic Society of Central Delaware, and The Islamic Society of Central Florida. He  recently served as the Imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell before joining our community in January 2018. In addition to his regular duties as Imam, Imam Basheer is very active in the interfaith communities. He has served as Muslim Representative to the White House for promoting peace & preventing violence. He has also served as advisory council member to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Imam Basheer brings years of experience in community building, outreach, youth development and teaching the core of our Deen. He is a dynamic, energetic and very humble gentleman with a great wealth of knowledge. He can be reached at You can also call him or leave a message for him at 610-799-6222

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