Imam Candidate Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

Imam Candidate Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez was Born in NY of Puerto Rican descent, accepted Islam in 1999. Dedicated for 16 years to the study of the Sacred Law of Allah and the Islamic Tradition. Studied in Al Azhar and Islamic University of Minnesota. Currently pursuing a PhD in Dawah.

Program with Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

Friday June 4th Khatira after Fajr Prayer
Topic: “Quranic Reflection and Tafsir, “The Ultimate Zeal”

Friday June 4th Friday Khutba……..1:15 pm
Topic: “The Sacred Call”

Friday June 4th DARS after Maghreb prayer……8:30 pm
Topic: “Psychology of Dawah”

Saturday June 5th Sisters program at 2:00 pm
Topic: “Great Women of Islam”

Saturday June 5th Youth Hangout & Bonfire after Maghreb 8:30pm
Topic: Youth interaction topic: “Reality of Life”