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When a Muslim/Muslimah is at the Point of Death

Family members of the dying person and his most pious friends should be informed and should be present at his side to help him turn his thoughts to Allah. They should encourage him very gently to repent, remind him about all the good deeds that he did, about Allah’s mercy, and Allah’s forgiveness so that he may anticipate Allah’s mercy and Allah’s favors.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “Let no Muslim die except expecting and hoping the best from Allah” (Muslim).Those who are present near a dying Muslim should do the following:

a. They should be kind and patient.
b. They should never leave him alone.
c. They should give him hope, not allowing him to collapse out of pain or panic.

The following are the sunnah that Islam encourages us to do over a dying person:
a. Advise the dying person to say La ilaha illa-Allah [There is no god but Allah] – The purpose is to remind him of the Oneness of Allah.
b. Lay the dying person (If possible) so that the qibla is on his right side.
c. Recite Surah Yaasin from the Qur’an.
d. They should make Dua’ (Supplicate) to Allah to help him go through situation easy, and forgive him.

To make the process easy for the family during this critical time, we have developed a detailed guide that will help the family through the process as easy as possible.  Click The link below to download the entire guide