Operational Structure

The Muslim Association of the Lehigh Valley (MALV)
Outreach Committee (OC) Operational Structure

1.  OC meetings are open for anyone who would like to attend, from the community
at large

2.  All OC members/volunteers must abide by the MALV constitution/code of

3.  All OC members/volunteers must abide by the policies/procedures developed and �
implemented by the OC

4.  OC contains a council (OC Shura) approved by the MALV Executive Committee �

5.  OC Shura executes the major functions of the committee

A.  Votes on all issues (by majority)

B.  OC Shura consists of 9 individuals accountable for:

–  Chairmanship
–  Coordination
–  Treasury
–  Secretary
–  Relief
–  Kidspeace
–  Soup Kitchen
–  Muslim Student Association (MSA)
–  6th Street Shelter
–  Interfaith
–  Technical Support
–  New Muslim Support
–  Other programs added by OC Shura

6.  OC Shura recommends speakers to EC for approval

A.  All speaking engagements must be approved by the OC Shura

B.  New speakers are trained, by existing speakers, through a 5-hour
shadowing process

C.  New speakers must give a mock presentation to OC Shura

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