Book List


Approved by the Outreach Committee:  2008

Objective of Dawah:  supply materials to satisfy the needs of the following subgroups:   individuals born Muslim, new Shahadas and visiting non-Muslim guests.

1.  Brothers and Sisters who were born into Islam are often in need of basic materials to help them perform their prayers correctly and satisfy various other aspects of the religion.

2.  New Shahadas from the Lehigh Valley at large have diverse religious, ethnic and language backgrounds.  When they join our community they often lack the materials that will help them make a successful transition into the Muslim community.

3.  MALV is frequently visited by non-Muslim guests who are seeking knowledge, materials, and resources that will help them understand the religion of Islam.

BOOK LIST – Approved

1. Holy Qu’ran, Abdullah Yucif Ali translation, Arabic/English or Spanish with footnotes: hardcover.
(no other translations     should be distributed without approval)

a. English Only
b. English / Arabic
c. English / Arabic / Transliteration
d. Spanish

2. Towards Understanding Islam, by Sayyid Abdul-Ala Muadudi

3. A Guide To Salat (Prayer) by Muhammad Abdul Karim Saqib (excellent for new muslims and those who need a refresher).

4. The Fortress of the Muslims

5. Daughter of Another Path, by Carol Anderson Anway

6. Wudu and Salah Like The Prophet, By Mohammed Adly (Prisons Only)

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