Faith Outreach

The Outreached Committee has been created to facilitate all outreached related programs approved by MALV’s Executive Committee. The OC will coordinate and execute all outreach activities which prove to be vital to the function and success of the Muslim Association of the Lehigh Valley

Through our Outreach Committee, MALV provides the following services to our community

  • Khateeb for JumahDaawah activities in Lehigh Valley
    • County Prisons,
    • Lehigh University
  • Open House, Interfaith Dialogue
  • Annual Dawah Booth in Allentown Fair
  • Worked closely with
  • Catholic Charities
  • The 6th St. Shelter
  • St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen and Kidspeace
  • Welcome visitors to MALV

Our Activities

Those In Need

1. Providing assistance to Muslims in need living in the Lehigh Valley.
We will not be involved in charities outside of the Lehigh Valley.
2. Assisting the Lehigh Valley community at large by creating a relationship of
giving.  We will commit to providing money and volunteers on a quarterly basis
to the following organizations:  Kidspeace, The 6th St. Shelter and St. Paul’s Soup

The Functioning of the Mosque

1. Assisting MALV with the following activities:
a.) speaking engagements
b) welcoming all visitors to MALV
c) dispersing funds to the needy
d) reporting, quarterly, to the MALV Executive Committee
e) carrying out any other outreach activities

Committee Established in 2004

1. We, the members of the Outreach Committee, formerly known as the Volunteer Committee, have been carrying out many of the above mentioned responsibilities for many years and are committed to continuing this service for the sake of Allah.


1. It has been past practice, since 2004, that the Outreach Committee be given a spending budget of $12,000 per year.  In 2009 the expense was more than $20,000 due to increase in applications for muslims in need.

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