Exploring of the Quran

Exploring of the Quran

“Tafsir of Surah Shurah”

Presented by Imam Daniel Hernandez


In this series we study the 42nd Chapter or Surah of the Quran: Surah Shurah (Consultation). This series opens the door for Imam Daniel’s Weekly Tafsir classes. This Surah will be covered in 9 Sessions insha Allah.


This series begins with an emphasis on Revelation in general pertaining to the message brought by all the Prophets of Allah (Allah be pleased with them) and then it talks about the Message of the Quran and its Universality, a book for the Worlds. The Surah has some significant themes, such as the main theme: Consultation followed by other themes of Forgiveness, Kindness of Allah, Worldly Life and Hereafter, Recompense, Repentance, Provision, Trials, Signs of Allah, Piety and Responding to the call of Allah. Allah concludes the Surah by talking about His ability to speak to a Prophet, His ability to send and Angel, His ability to inspire and reveal His Revelation in the manner that He sees fit.