Election Guidelines

(as approved by BT on 10/3/2019)

          The Board of Trustees (BT) is the governing body of the election and its logistics. Any questions about the election must be directed ONLY to the BT in writing. The entire process including any documentation will be classified and remain sealed confidential and kept with MEC.


          The 8 BT members are responsible for the election process from start to finish. However, any BT member whose term is expiring and may be nominated, will be recused and not take part in any election-related matters.  4 BT members (Brs. Shaukat Khan, Mohamed Bajwa, Iqbal Sorathia, and Tiamiyu Salau) can’t be nominated for any EC or BT post as their current BT term expires on Dec. 31, 2022. However, they are allowed to exercise their individual voting rights.


          The BT has appointed the MALV Election Committee (MEC) to conduct the election process for BT and EC positions in accordance with the established policies and procedures. The Election Committee will work under the supervision of BT. The BT will do its best to respond to questions/inquiries and seek resolutions as fair and fast as possible and in the best interest of MALV and its members. Per MALV constitutions, the BT decisions are final.


          The MEC members are: Brs. Moustafa Youssef (Chair), Tayyab Ali, Ahmad Mahmud and Ather Mansoor. MEC members also have the right to exercise their individual voting rights. Any direct communications with MEC is unauthorized. The election committee MUST NOT be contacted by any community member regarding any election issues.  


           Community members can contact the BT members who are not running for election regarding any questions about the election procedures.


          To be eligible to vote in the MALV election, one must be a member of MALV for at least 2018 and 2019 (as of 9/30/2019). It is the member’s responsibility to verify his/her membership status with MALV Treasurer (treasurer@malv.org) prior to 9/30/2019. MALV will not contact members individually for this purpose.


          The list of MALV members is posted in the Center. Eligibility for EC or BT is based on the membership requirements, credentials, and recognized services to the MALV community as clearly stated in the MALV Constitution. Eligibility for EC post requires that the member be an active member in the affairs of MALV for at least 5 years of continuous membership (2014 thru 2019). Eligibility for BT post requires that the member be an active member in the affairs of MALV for at least 10 years of continuous membership (2010 thru 2019). Please refer to www.malv.org and Appendix I for more info about the election process and eligibility.


          The list includes the voters’ names per household, years of membership and hence eligibility for nominations to the EC and BT. Voters aged 18-23 must be single, dependent (on their parents/guardians) to be eligible to vote under the family membership. Parents/guardians must provide proof of age and residence of their dependents along with their nomination by 10/31/2019). Dependents without proof of age and residence will not be granted voting rights.


          Each single membership gets one voting right and each family member gets two voting rights. Family members are allowed to make copies of nomination forms if they have eligible dependent voters in their household. MEC shall tally all votes with the voting list before submitting final election results.


          Any disputes of the membership list MUST be communicated in writing to the MALV Treasurer as soon as possible.  No correction on the voters list will be made after 9/30/2019 at which time the membership list will be final.


          The MALV election is a 2-part process. The first part requires all MALV voting members to nominate individuals to serve on the EC (total 8 positions) or BT (4 positions). The nomination should be done purely on the nominee’s consistent service to the MALV community over several years. The second part will be for the voters to choose only one candidate per position on the EC and BT.


          Voters are highly encouraged to contact their potential nominee(s) prior to sending their nomination forms to ensure the nominee is eligible and also willing to serve.


          Nomination is intended to be a recognition by the community for the services provided consistently by the individual. To be put on the ballot, one must receive at least 10 nominations.


          It is strictly prohibited for any individual or group to hold any campaign, advertise, or distribute any election promotional material, or solicit any nomination on the MALV premises.


          No pre-filled election or nomination ballots to be handed out or distributed to anyone by anyone. Ballots to be hand-written and original signature will be verified.


          No negative campaigning is allowed by anyone against any member or nominee.


          Violation of the above rules is a violation of the code of conduct (COC) and will result in disqualifying the voter and additional disciplinary actions per MALV (COC) and bylaws.



o   It is the intent of the BT and MEC to finish the entire election process before December 15, 2019 inshaa Allah. Below is the summary of the schedule of the election process.


Date (2019)

Item Description


Last day to verify membership status by members


Final Voters List posted at MALV


MEC mails Nomination Forms to members


Members mail back nominations to MEC. Must be post-marked by USPS not later than 10/31 to be a valid nomination


MEC mails ballots with nominees to members for election


Members mail completed ballots to MEC – Must be post-marked by USPS not later than 11/30 to be a valid ballot


MEC announce and publish Election Results


Transition Meetings between outgoing and incoming EC/BT


New EC and BT Members Planning Meeting /Oath of office


Appendix I: EC/BT Eligibility Criteria


For a member to be eligible for nomination to the EC or BT, he/she must meet the following TWO key criteria:

A.   Membership (5 years for EC and 10 years for BT), AND

B.   Active member with consistent service to MALV. Examples include, but not limited to:

1.    Consistent Service

a.    Nominee must have a verifiable record of consistent service to the community over the years. For example: served on a MALV committee, volunteered in one or more projects, teaching in weekend school, organized/sponsored a program that benefits the community, . . . . . .etc.

2.    Commitment to MALV

a.    Must have a verifiable proof of financial contributions to MALV over the years

b.    Must not be holding a management position currently at other masajids within Lehigh Valley

3.    Nominees must be a legal residence of the USA and DOES NOT have any criminal records in the past

4.    Nominee must reside within 25-mile radius of MALV as required by MALV constitution







Approved by,


Board of Trustees                                                                   October 3, 2019



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