Executive Committee

The EC is responsible for the organization of all activities of the MALV iand it has the right to appoint subcommittees to assist them in these endeavors. The EC can also dissolve such committees as it deems appropriate.

A member nominated for the EC must be an active member in the affairs of the MALV for at least five years prior to the nomination for a position in EC.

The EC meets at least once every month. The President has the right to call for an emergency meeting, if necessary. A member of the EC may have two excused absences and one non-excused absence per year; if he/she exceeds this, the EC, at its discretion, may consider the position as having been vacated. He/she should be replaced according to Article 6.5 of the Constitution, unless the EC gives a special exemption. The Secretary must be notified in advance of any planned absence.

The EC decisions are taken by a simple majority vote of the members present at a meeting. In the event of a tie vote, the decision will be in favor of the President.

All proposals and requests from a member of the Association concerning general affairs are to be submitted in writing to the President. Each proposal or request must be discussed within two months from the day of its submission. The person(s) who submit(s) the proposal or the request must be informed of the result within one month after the decision by the EC.

Current EC Members Email
1 Br. Mirza Baig President Profile president@malv.org
2 Dr. Mahfuzul Khondaker Vice President Profile vice_president@malv.org
3 Sr. Deeba Jamal Secretary Profile secretary@malv.org
4 Sr. Sherrine Eid Activity Officer Profile social@malv.org
5 Br. Asim Saeed Treasurer Profile treasurer@malv.org
6 Br. Junaid Rahman Dawah Chairman Profile dawah@malv.org
7 Br. Abdelhady H Ahmed Maintenance Officer Profile maintenance@malv.org
8 Sr. Rehana Kaleem Women’s Representative Profile ladysrep@malv.org
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