Jumuah Announcement Request

Please use the form on the Contact page to request an announcement to be made at the Muslim association of Lehigh valley. The announcement will be made after Friday prayers and will also be posted on the MALV website.

MALV Announcement Guidelines:

1. Announcements should be short, to the point and clear

2. The person requesting announcement must provide contact information, in case we need to contact you for further clarifications.

3. All announcements for Friday prayers must be submitted by Wednesday or Thursday night of the same week

4. In case of an emergency such as death or an accident, provide a written announcement to any EC member before the Friday Khutba.

5. All announcements must be made by MALV Executive committee (EC) members, however, under special circumstances; the EC may allow another person to make the announcement. All announcement requests are subject to approval by MALV Administration

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