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Sunday School Registration

Manarah Islamic School is now accepting registrations for the next school year. In shaa Allah, school will be in person and will start on September 10th, 2023. Please registrar your …

Earthquake Appeal

Your assistance is urgently needed to support our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria. How can you help now? Send money to zelle@malv.org and put “EARTHQUAKE APPEAL” in the …

Welcome Ramadan

Join the Scholars from our Local Community for a Welcome Ramadan Conference on March 26th 2022 starting at 3PM. Register using the link https://tiny.cc/lvramadan1

Ramadan Readings

Join us for Daily Readings from Majalis Ramadan by Imam Daniel Hernandez and Imam Ahmed Nawaz starting March 15th 2022 thru March 24th 2022.

No Doubt: Finding Certainty in an Age of Uncertainty

We are excited to bring this course “No Doubt: Finding Certainty in an Age of Uncertainty” with Shaykh Fahad Tasleem at MALV. This will be a 2-day class on March …

Our Children Our Future

Update on Maktab (After-school) Program progress by Sheikh Mikael Oliviero and Sheikh Ahmad Nawaz Uddin

Annual Membership Donation

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Imam Daniel

Welcome Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

With the help of Allah and your unyielding support, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez as the Imam and director of religious affairs of …

LV Masajid’s response to Palestine Crisis

In the name of Almighty God, the Most Merciful, the Grantor of Mercy. We, the Muslim religious leadership of the Lehigh Valley, are appalled by the gross misrepresentation of this …

Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic Update

Dr. Danish and Dr. Rifai will hold the Vaccination Clinic on Sunday May 2nd at 10am based on atleast 25 registrations for vaccination. All those who are interested to should …