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Our Children Our Future

Update on Maktab (After-school) Program progress by Sheikh Mikael Oliviero and Sheikh Ahmad Nawaz Uddin

Renewal – Women’s Conference

Join Women’s Conference Renewal on Feb 19th 2022.  The speakers include Ustatha Haleh Banani*Ustatha Dunia Shuaib*Ustatha Tamara GreyUstatha Sadia YunisDr. Suzy Ismail* confirmed speakers

Call for Volunteers

Free Community Meals

AlhamdolillAh by the grace of Allah(SWT) and with the help of our dedicated volunteers we were able to host free community meals on Sunday, Jan 2nd. 55 guests enjoyed the …

LV Career Summit

The Lehigh Valley mosques are proud to present a Career event for our youth and adults to help them choose a profession and brush up on their networking / resume …

Juma Khutba “Tour of Islam”

Our guest speaker for Juma Khutba tomorrow (November 5th 2021) is Sheikh Dr. Saad Hassanain, he would also be our guest speaker for the evening Completing the Shama’il Ceremony along …

Shamail Conference

Description of the Beauty & Character of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), studied thru Imam Al-Tirmidhi’s Al-Shamail Al-Muhammadiyya in English and Arabic. Event Dates : Oct 15th 6:30pm / Oct 22nd …

3rd Annual Fall Festival

Join us for the 3rd Annual MALV Fall Festival. Rides, bounce houses, crafts, food and fun!

Muslim American Youth Today

Scholarly and practical reflections on Muslim Youth in America from AMJA Conference. Come and learn about the summary of the recent AMJA Conference with 350 Imams from across the country …

Family Bonfire Night

Bonfire & Family Night with Imam Daniel this Friday October 8th after Maghrib prayer. Bonfire will start following the nightly dars. Food, drinks, activities, sports, & more! Bring a hoodie …