Board of Trustees

The BT member must be an active member in the affairs of the MALV for a minimum of ten years.

The BT is the overall governing body of the MALV and its objectives and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Approval of all deeds, and commitments to purchase, rent or sell property. (These documents can be signed by the President of the MALV and any one member of the BT after obtaining approval from the majority of the BT members.)
  • Approval of any financial decision involving an amount of $5,000.00 or more.
  • If a voting member of the MALV has a disagreement with the EC, he/she can refer the matter to BT for resolution. The decision of BT shall be final In the event of any disagreement between the EC and the BT on any matter dealing with the affairs of the MALV, the BT has the higher authority and its decision is final if approved by simple majority of the BT members. If problems should arise among members of the BT, and solutions cannot be reached, the matter should be referred to the voting members of the MALV. The opinion of voting members of the MALV will be sought via mail-in ballots or in a general meeting. The decision of the two-third majority of those voting will be final.
  • Adoption of policies proposed by the EC or initiated by a BT member.
  • Supervision of the election of EC and BT members.
  • Interpretation of the MALV Constitution and By-laws. BT’s interpretation is final
  • Decisions are made by simple majority of the BT except in those situations when two-third majority of the BT is required by the constitution and By-laws.

The BT meets every third (3rd) Friday of the month. Below are some of the meeting agenda:

Current BT Members
1 Br. Jamal Ahmed BT Coordinator Profile
2 Dr. Ismail Kashkoush Member Profile
3 Dr. Mohammad Riaz Member Profile
4 Dr. Danish Saeed Member Profile
5 Dr. Iqbal Sorathia Member Profile
6 Dr. Shaukat Khan Member Profile
7 Dr. Mohamed Bajwa Member Profile
8 Br. Tiamiyu O Salau (Salahudeen) Member Profile
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