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Sunday School Registration

Manarah Islamic School is now accepting registrations for the next school year. In shaa Allah,[…]

Night Inspiration from Riyadus Saliheen

Presented by Imam Daniel Hernandez and Imam Ahmed Orz Introduction In this series we at[…]

Essentials of Islam

by Imam Daniel Hernandez New Muslim Classes : Every Sunday 2pm in Spanish & 3pm[…]

Exploring of the Quran

“Tafsir of Surah Shurah” Presented by Imam Daniel Hernandez Introduction In this series we study[…]

What we represent?

MALV represent a multi-ethnic and vibrant community of Muslims residing in Lehigh Valley. The center is built on 7 acres of land and includes a mosque, library, full time Islamic elementary school and weekend Islamic school.

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Juma Khutba @1:15pm and 2:15pm
Religious Services

Our Mosque is open for five daily prayers, juma and special prayers during the month of Ramadan. Mosque is led by our Imam Basheer during Fajr and Isha prayers and an alternate khateeb for other prayers.

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Interfaith & Dawah Services

We diligently promote dialogue with individuals with diverse belief practices, which makes us more active in developing positive relationships with our neighbors and community. We have been continuously supportive of many churches, synagogues, and temples throughout the Valley.

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Social Services

Our social service initiates include distribution of zakat funds to the needy in Lehigh Valley, working with our community physicians and offering Free Health Clinic, providing assistance in filing for federal and state assistance.

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Educational Services

Education is one of the cornerstone of MALV. Our educational services include:
Daily Halaqas after Fajr and Isha by the Imam
Weekly community Dars
Monthly Sister’s tea time once a month.
New Muslim classes

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Online Services

Access our YouTube channel at the convenience of your home. We publish our reminders, juma khutba’s and other major events online.

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MALV Sports Club

Youth and Adult Sporting and gym activities thru our MALV Sports Club

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Our Core Values

In all its activities, the Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley is guided by the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (PBUH), and the traditions of the four rightly guided Khaliphas. The sources and stipulations of our Constitution and By­laws are in compliance with the principles and guidelines of the Holy Qur’an and the established, honorable, pure Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH.

Constitution & Bye LawsCode of Conduct

Excellence for MALV, means pleasing Allah by providing services above people’s expectation, delivering service with speed, treating everyone with utmost respect, conducting beneficial programs that are well thought out and well prepared for, and maintaining facilities and grounds to the highest standard of functionality, cleanliness, and physical appearance.


Integrity for MALV, means adherence to Islamic ethics and principles, which include fairness, honesty, delivering on promises, and matching words and beliefs with deeds and actions. Integrity is achieved when serious thought is given to the question “what is the right thing to do,” which must be asked and answered by all levels of the organization.


For MALV Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning that a “transparent” object is one that can be seen through. Transparent procedures include open meetings, financial disclosure statements, freedom of information, budgetary review and audits.

Our Imam
Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez
Imam & Religious Director

Imam Daniel was born and raised in Queens, New York which gives him the unique ability to understand the challenges of Muslims living in America.

He is a revert to Islam which gives him a different perspective, additionally, he experienced some of the challenges of youths in this country which gives him a unique advantage to easily relate with our youths.

Imam Daniel has many years of experience serving as imam in the USA including: Islamic Society of Triplex and Pearland Islamic Center where he served for the past eight years as the Imam. Prior to his career as an Imam, he has served as Islamic school teacher and principal

Phone: 610-799-6222
EMail : imam@malv.org

Board of Trustees

BT is the overall governing body of Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley (MALV) and meet monthly. One of the major responsibilities of MALV BT is interpretation of MALV Constibution and By-Laws.

Role & Responsibilities
Jamal Ahmed

BT Coordinator

Br Jamal Ahmed is a former Vice President of Internal Audit and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at a major company in Philadelphia.

Br Jamal’s vision is to make MALV a beacon of Islamic knowledge for Muslims of all ethnicities in the Lehigh Valley including the new Muslims and the younger generation.

Dr. Ismail Kashkoush

BT Member

Dr Ismail Kashkoush is an engineer by profession and one of the most dedicated members of our community.

Dr Ismail has a passion for community development with special interest in youth empowerment. He has continuously worked tirelessly to ensure that the school continues to excel in its operation.

Dr. Shaukat Khan

BT Member

Dr Shaukat is one of the founding members of MALV. In fact, the first official address of MALV was Dr Shoukat’s office address.

Through the vision of leaders like him, MALV grew from a handful of families who were mostly graduate students to the community to what we have today.

Dr. Iqbal Sorathia

BT Member

Dr Sorathia has been an active member and generous donor to MALV for many years. 

His service to the Muslim community and humanly in general is amazing. He is one of the few doctors that regularly go to Haiti on a yearly basis to help the needy. Through his medical practice, he attends to less privileged people who do not have healthcare insurance or unable to afford their co pay.

Dr. Mohammad Riaz

BT Member

Dr. Mohammad Riaz is a pediatrician who specializes in Newborn Medicine. He is actively involved in MALV affairs since he moved to area and served as president of MALV executive committee for 6 years and chairman MEF board of directors for 3 years.

Outside Lehigh Valley Dr. Riaz is actively working on a project to reduce neonatal mortality rate in Pakistan by providing Neonatal Resuscitation training to different university hospitals in Pakistan.

Tiamiyu O Salau

BT Member

Br Salahudeen is an IT professional and has been an active member of MALV since 2004. He has served the community in many capacities.

Since joining the community, Br Salahudeen has been involved in every major project for the community. He has a passion for youth empowerment and his vision is to make MALV a world class community for others to emulate.

Dr. Mohamed Bajwa

BT Member

Dr Bajwa is one of the founding members of MALV and has served in many capacities in MALV including serving as the president of MALV.

Dr Bajwa is a leader per excellence that always leads by example. He is one of the few members in his generation that attends nearly every MALV family dinners and he does so on time. He regularly attends daily congregation prayers at the masjid in attempt to meet community members and meet their needs.

Dr. Danish Saeed

BT Member

Dr. Danish is a geriatrics doctor in Palmerton, Pennsylvania. Since joining the MALV community in 2010, Dr Danish has been an active supporter of the community’s programs. In addition to being a generous donor, he has served in various capacities.

Dr Danish has extensive in leadership and team building. He served as the president of DOGANA (his alumni association of almost 1000 doctors in the USA).

Executive Commitee (EC)

MALV Executive Committee is responsible for all operations and activities at the center. EC members lead individual sub committees which include community members who actively engage in executing projects, events and activities.

Role & Responsibilities
Mirza M Baig


Br. Mirza is an IT professional and has served the community in several capacities over the years.

He has served as secretary, treasurer and Vice President of MALV. In addition, Br Mirza has been involved with nearly all major projects in MALV. Br Mirza has a true love for our community and continues to work towards making MALV the best community in the Nation.

Dr. Mahfuzul Khondaker

Vice President

Dr Khondaker is a professor and the chairman of Criminal Justice department at Kutztown University (KU). He is a respected member of KU community who has chaired and served on many high-profile committees at the university.

Dr Mahfuzul has been involved with MALV since 2007 and, by the grace of Allah, has served the community in various capacities.

Deeba T Jamal


Sr Deeba has been an active member of MALV community for more than ten years. She has served the community in many capacities at MALV.

Outside of MALV, Sr Deeba is an active member of the ICNA sisters
Sr Deeba is very passionate about serving the community and she have consistently done so for many years.

Asim Saeed


Br Asim holds an MBA in finance from Oklahoma City University. He has successfully run his own businesses and he is well versed in managing money.

Br Asim has been an active member of MALV for over 12 years. He currently serves in the MALV EC as the treasurer.

He is a regular volunteer at MALV events including serving at Iftar, family dinner and other events.

Junaid Rahman

Dawah Chairman

Br Junaid is an IT Manager with over 20 years of experience. He has been an active member for MALV since 2005. He attends congregation prayers at the masjid on daily basis. He has passion for quran education and has influenced many religious programs at MALV.

Additionally, Br Junaid has served as member of the MALV IT team from inception and continues one of the most active members of the team.

Sherrine Eid

Activities Officer

Sr. Sherrine is an Epidemiologist and Biostatistician who had lead outbreak investigations and has served on multiple committees and boards of public health and health departments. She is currently an industry specialist focusing on epidemiology and real world evidence in healthcare and life sciences.

Sr. Sherrine has been involved with MALV since 1979 and, by the grace of Allah, has served the community in various capacities.

Abdelhady H Ahmed

Maintenance Officer

Br Abdelhady has been an active member of the community for over 30 years. He was one of the original members at the Emmaus Masjid before relocating to the current location. Through these years, Br Abdelhady has volunteered in many capacities in the past. Br Abdelhady is very passionate about our community and he is the first point of contact in case of any need in the mosque. His house shared a fence with masjid which makes him readily available anytime he is needed.

Rehana Kaleem

Women’s Representative

Sr Rehana have been an active member of the community for more than 10 years. Prior to being elected as a member of the executive council, she has volunteered in several capacities.

Sr Rehana is always willing to help in any capacity. She regularly volunteers her time even when not holding an official position. She has the energy and passion to continue to serve the community.