Dr Ismail Kashkoush is an engineer by profession and one of the most dedicated members of our community.

He has served the community in many capacities including

  • Principal of Sunday School
  • Member of the executive committee as Dawah Chairman
  • President and Chairman of the Council of Education of the Manarah Foundation (responsible for our full time and weekend school)
  • Coordinator of Board of Trustee
  • Member of Construction Committee
  • Member of Fund Raising committee
  • and many more

Dr Ismail has a passion for community development with special interest in youth empowerment. He was one of the brothers that pioneered  the initiatives for the creation of the Manarah Islamic Academy (our full time school). He has continuously worked tirelessly to ensure that the school continues to excel in its operation

Dr kashkoush’s vision is to see MALV to be a world class community that will stand out as an example for communities around the world to emulate.